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San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet (SA Met Ballet), founded in 1983 to provide classical and contemporary dance opportunities for local dancers, has a simple vision; we believe in Transforming People and Ideas through Dance! 

SA Met Ballet doesn't just "put on shows," we INSPIRE students to reach for the stars! We provide opportunities for San Antonio-area dancers to give back to their community through educational outreach programs while pursuing their artistic endeavors. We ENCOURAGE our members to think creatively and engage with their peers through weekly rehearsals. Our dancers study dance on a level that can be compared to Olympic athletes; many students putting in 15 hours per week to keep their physique and artistic expression at their pique levels. We TEACH our students how to manage their time, prioritizing their academic studies while they prepare for three annual performances and a touring dancing festival per season.

Your gift to SA Met Ballet will help fund programming that trains these talented dancers while reaching out to the socio-economically disadvantaged youth of San Antonio:

  * In 2016, SA Met Ballet performed for over 1,800 students, teachers and chaperones from local Title I schools in our Children's Series performance of "The Magic Toyshop" at the Lila Cockrell Theatre. Five of the attending schools received additional in-school student-participation lecture demonstrations.

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  • Donations are tax deductible
  • Giving Starts 12:00 AM 3/26/2020
  • Reason to donate through the Big Give - we may be eligible for prizes during the event - which means extra dollars for our charity
  • Your support donations provide educational opportunities for the talented youth of San Antonio

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