Hansel and Gretel

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San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet opens its 36th Anniversary Season with the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, "Hansel and Gretel". This two-act ballet is a quaint look back at a time when villagers gathered in the town square to buy goods from their local flower and houseware vendors.

A family, down on their luck, sends their children into the forest to gather strawberries to eat. During their journey through the forest, Hansel and Gretel meet some adorable woodland creatures, are lulled to sleep by the Sandman, Angels and Stars, and the next day end up finding a fascinating house of candies. Hansel and Gretel come to find out that the old woman from the town square is actually the Witch from the gingerbread house.

Children will be delighted by the playful village children's dance and its jovial music - Adults will be enticed by the deceptively sweet and deliciously dark tale that reminds children not to take candy from strangers.

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